prefix + Ctrl-s – save
prefix + Ctrl-r – restore

Load tmux settngs:
prefix + I – reload tmux environment

tmux yank:
prefix + [ – puts tmux in copy mode. You can now choose lines followed by y and they will be copied to clipboard
If yank does not work, install its dependency xclip like so:
sudo apt-get install -y xclip then restart terminal and relaunch tmux. It will work now.

sudo apt-get install tmux
tmuxstarts the tmux server
sudo apt-get install tmux
ctrl-b c create window
ctrl-d close window. This will close that pane as well.
^b &close window with prompt
ctrl-b , rename window
ctrl-b n next window
ctrl-b p previous window
ctrl-b w list windows

Panes : tiling manager

ctrl-b % split vertically
ctrl-b : put in command mode. split-window split window horizontally
Ctrl-b "split window horizontally
ctrl-d close window. This will close that pane as well.

Panes: Resize

while pressing your bind key dont release your fingers and user the narrwors U D L R to resize your pan. BindKey + R to resize to the right side.


tmux new -s newsessionhey tmux, create a new named session called newsession. This is just like before, but now this is a named session.
^b ddetach from the current session
tmux list-sessions list all active sessions
tmux attach -t backupsessionhey tmux, attach to backupsession

# session management
tmux ls (or tmux list-sessions)
tmux new -s session-name
Ctrl-b d Detach from session
tmux attach -t [session name]
tmux kill-session -t session-name

Ctrl-b c Create new window
Ctrl-b d Detach current client
Ctrl-b l Move to previously selected window
Ctrl-b n Move to the next window
Ctrl-b p Move to the previous window
Ctrl-b & Kill the current window
Ctrl-b , Rename the current window
Ctrl-b q Show pane numbers (used to switch between panes)
Ctrl-b o Switch to the next pane
Ctrl-b ? List all keybindings

# moving between windows
Ctrl-b n (Move to the next window)
Ctrl-b p (Move to the previous window)
Ctrl-b l (Move to the previously selected window)
Ctrl-b w (List all windows / window numbers)
Ctrl-b window number (Move to the specified window number, the
default bindings are from 0 — 9)

# Tiling commands
Ctrl-b % (Split the window vertically)
CTRL-b ” (Split window horizontally)
Ctrl-b o (Goto next pane)
Ctrl-b q (Show pane numbers, when the numbers show up type the key to go to that pane)
Ctrl-b { (Move the current pane left)
Ctrl-b } (Move the current pane right)

# Make a pane its own window
Ctrl-b : “break-pane”

# add to ~/.tmux.conf
bind | split-window -h
bind – split-window -v