Basic Rest API in Flask and SqlAlchemy

  1. Step 1: pipenv install --python 3.8
  2. Step 2: pipenv shell
  3. Step 3: pipenv install flask flask-sqlalchemy flask-marshmallow marshmallow-sqlalchemy flask-migrate psycopg2

flask-sqlalchemy is the sql-alchemy with flask bindings. flask-marshmallow is like the Serializer in Django Rest Framework, marshmallow-sqlalchemy is common binding between marshmallow and sqlalchemy (for things like ModelSerializer in Django Rest Framework).flask-migrate is migration tool for Flask based on ALEMBIC.psycopg2-binary is for connecting to postgres db.

Note: If psycopg2 install gives errors use psycopg2-binary. But this is a development only binary. It is not meant for production. For production, you need to compile psycopg2 from source.
See here for installing psycopg2 if you face issues:

Now create the application file.. traditionally called (or…whatever your taste).

Now do these steps on the console (don’t do the third step yet as is still empty):

  1. export
  2. export FLASK_ENV=development
  3. flask run

The no. 2 in above list is important. It will hot reload the server upon code changes

Here is the file. This is a toy CRUD app. So, all code is in one file.

Before running this app, lets create the database and populate it.

Goto Python console and say:

Thats it. SQLAlchemy has done all the magic for you and created your database.

Now run the app by:
flask run

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