About Me


Getting stronger every moment.


Alongside slicing monsters, I am also wrangling everything tech. So much so, that the universe appointed me as its official CEO of the Brain Department. Yeah, the department that deals with evolution of intelligence from intelligence (I believe that stupid can’t be made intelligent, anymore than salt can be made sweet).

Speaking of tech, I have developed code on and for Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android, WebOS (yeah..that one). The range spans from developing mobile phone apps to desktop apps to back-end apps to front-end SPAs to full-stack apps to Data Science applications. I have hands on experience on Python, C#, SQL (Postgres, MySQL and T-SQL), Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, C, Objective C and Java.

My most natural haunts Python and.NET backend. I also use Django sometimes. Flask is on the map. In the past I have also used nodeJS as backend but moved back to enterprise domain to good-old Python and .NET.