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Python Default Parameter Gotcha

  • September 8, 2019
  • Python

Take a look at this code. All it does is return a list with appended parameter. In case no list is supplied, it defaults to an empty list and appends to it. Or is it???

Look at the second result. We expected [“silver”] expecting the item to be appended to an empty list as […]

Analyzing IRIS Dataset With Keras and Tensorflow – Machine Learning and Data Analysis

We will analyze the famous IRIS dataset. Before we start, here are the basic steps that any typical Machine Learning based Data Analysis workflow consists of. (Note: if text inside figure appears small, please increase the font size temporarily by Ctrl+roll-mouse-scroller) Most of our time will be spent in Phases 1 and 2. Source code […]

Python Linting – Flake8

Linting is a must for any python project. Two options are used most (in order of usage and popularity) 1) flake8 – most used by open source python projects 2) pylint – enabled by default in many IDEs like Visual Studio Code Many folks run both. I chose flake8. Primary reason is that out of […]

Install cx_Freeze in Anaconda virtual environment – Windows

cx_Freeze is a tool to create Python executable. Steps: Open Anaconda prompt. Goto Windows-icon. Type “Anaconda Prompt”. Select the suggestion shown. Set the Anaconda virtual environment in the Anaconda prompt. activate ch2_venv “ch2_venv” happens to be my virtual env. You choose yours. then use pip to install like so: pip install cx_Freeze pip install idna […]

Data Analysis of TMDB dataset

Download the dataset from here : Lets take a look at the dataset: